Where do I find the best prices to hotels in London

I have been asked so many times already about which it would be the best hotel to book if you coming to London. Well, to be honest, will depend on your budget. Why I am… View Post

Why The Sipping Room is perfect for kids

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Why To Visit Greenwich is a must

A pesar de que las temperaturas vuelven a bajar, el frío no es ninguna excusa, en la ciudad, para salir de casa. Londres esta repleto de numerosos lugares donde acudir con niños. Estoy segura de… View Post

Why London Eye is a must/ Porque London Eye es un imprescindible

The London Eye is  now a days one of the Symbols of London, Finished on the 1999 it has  32 capsules, which represents the 32 London Borough. They are numbered 1-33 , missing the 13th  due  superstition reasons. London Eye… View Post

7 Instagram accounts from London you should follow too

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